Sluggish crypto bear market as 1Q 2018 draws to a close

by Dan McKeown

Mar 28, 2018


The crypto market's bearish year continues. The Fowl Five index is nearing all-time lows as it currently hovers around 1022 (though to be fair "all-time" currently dates back to February) as the values of Ethereum (below $450), Litecoin (below $140) and many other prominent altcoins have fallen precipitously over the last week. The factor preventing a return to the sub-1000 reading of early March is the relative strength so far of Bitcoin, which has not fallen quite as quickly during this micro-downturn and currently sits above $7900. The flurry of news and rumors about regulation seem to have a grip on the market's attention while technical analysis seems to be creating self-fulfilling predictions about further falls.